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Menstrual Cup vs Pads (Sanitary Pads) - A Comprehensive Comparison

Menstrual Cup vs Pads (Sanitary Pads) - A Comprehensive Comparison
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Are you tired of the itching, prickling, and chafing that come along with the usage of a sanitary pad or tampon?

Or, maybe, you are worried about the plastic and toxins that are found in disposable menstrual products. In such scenarios, a menstrual cup may be the answer to all your woes. Here, we will take an in-depth look at menstrual cups vs pads.

To begin, single-use menstrual products do not offer you the comfort and safety that you need. And you know that you deserve much better. Moreover, you would want to switch to an eco-friendly product that ensures optimum health and complete freedom.

So, you would like to know which is better: a menstruation cup or a sanitary pad?

Ujaas, a menstrual health and menstrual hygiene initiative of Aditya Birla Education Trust (ABET), has distributed thousands of free sanitary pads across the rural regions of Maharashtra, with the ultimate aim to eliminate both period poverty and period shame.

Let us get started with a comprehensive comparison. That said, before we get there, let us first understand a little more about menstrual cups as well as reusable sanitary pads. 

Posted By:Angshu Sanyal
Last Published Date:April 4, 2024
Post status: Active
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