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Addressing Challenging Behaviours in Special Education Classes

Addressing Challenging Behaviours in Special Education Classes
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Behavior Management:

Let's first define what behavior management actually implies. Behavior management, in this case in a classroom context, is the use of controlled methods and interactions to promote desired behavior. There are many different behavior management techniques and approaches and they all have their merits and place.

Fundamentally, you ought to concentrate on positive behavior management strategies, particularly ones that encourage students to behave how you would like them to.  In order to inspire and motivate students, it's critical to establish a careful balance in how they are imposed and used.

However, let's take a step back from behavior management strategies and focus on -the students, who are the most crucial component of the total picture. Moreover, most of the special schools in India are getting equipped with a special education system. Behavioral interventions for special needs students need to be very structured and implemented with conscious efforts.  

Posted By:Angshu Sanyal
Last Published Date:April 4, 2024
Post status: Active
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