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Lubrication Gear Pump Manufacturer and Suppliers in India

 Lubrication Gear Pump Manufacturer and Suppliers in India
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 A lubrication pump supplies oil from a reservoir to lubrication
points in the machine. The pump pushes the lubricant at high pressure to pass
through the lubricating system's supply and feed lines to the plain
bearings and other lubrication points. Lubricants are substances typically
used to reduce friction between parts in contact. Depending on the type,
lubricants also perform various other functions such as heat regulation, power
transmission, sealing against dust or dirt, as well as reducing oxidation and
preventing corrosion. Lubrication is the action of applying a
substance such as oil or grease to an engine or component so as to minimize
friction and allow smooth movement. Lubricating system is a mechanical system of
lubricating internal combustion engines in which a pump forces oil into the
engine bearings. 

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Posted By:Jk Pump
Last Published Date:June 6, 2024
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