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SmeBizz Books Presents 'Machine Learning Visualization using Python

SmeBizz Books Presents 'Machine Learning Visualization using Python
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πŸš€ ' eBook: Empowering Your Data Insights with Code and Datasets! πŸš€

Noida, 24th September, 2023 - SmeBizz Books, a trailblazing name in the world of knowledge dissemination, is excited to announce the launch of its latest masterpiece, the 'Machine Learning Visualization using Python' eBook. Authored by eminent academicians and industry veterans from the esteemed Pocket Portal Academy, this eBook is set to revolutionize the way you perceive and interact with data.

πŸ“š Unlock the Power of Data Visualization This groundbreaking eBook is your gateway to mastering the art of data visualization using Python. Dive deep into the world of charts and visualizations with hands-on codes and meticulously curated datasets. With a focus on Pandas, Matplotlib, and Seaborn libraries, you'll gain the skills needed to transform raw data into actionable insights.

πŸ“Š Comprehensive Coverage Delve into a wide array of data visualization techniques, from simple bar charts to complex heatmaps, and everything in between. Each chapter is a treasure trove of knowledge, equipping you with the tools to make data-driven decisions confidently.

πŸ“ˆ Learn from the Best Authored by a team of renowned academicians and industry veterans at Pocket Portal Academy, this eBook combines the rigor of academic expertise with real-world practicality. Benefit from their vast experience and gain insights that will elevate your data visualization prowess.

πŸ›’ Get Your Copy Now Don't miss the opportunity to enhance your data visualization skills and unlock the true potential of your data. Secure your eBook today:

πŸ”Ή Pay Rs 299  for the eBook with comprehensive codes and datasets: Buy Now

πŸ“š About SmeBizz Books SmeBizz Books is dedicated to democratizing knowledge by providing accessible and affordable resources to learners, professionals, and enthusiasts. With a commitment to excellence, our eBooks are crafted to empower individuals with the skills they need to thrive in an ever-evolving world.

For more information, please contact: SmeBizz Books, Emai :


πŸ“š About Pocket Portal Academy Pocket Portal Academy is a renowned institution known for its excellence in education and research. Comprising a diverse team of industry experts and academics, the academy is committed to shaping future leaders and innovators.

For media inquiries, please contact: Pocket Portal Academy Email:        

πŸš€ Empower Your Data Journey Join us on a journey to unlock the power of data visualization. 'Machine Learning Visualization using Python' is your key to turning data into actionable insights. Get your copy now and embark on a transformative learning experience!

  Inside the eBook: A Glimpse of Knowledge

Dive into a world of endless possibilities with the eBook that's set to redefine your journey in data science. Here's a sneak peek into what awaits you within the pages:

 Chapter 1: Basics of Python

β€’ Master Python from the ground up, even with no prior coding experience.

β€’ Explore Python's core concepts, including variables, data types, and operators.

β€’ Dive into Python's data structures: lists and tuples.

β€’ Introduction to indispensable Python libraries: NumPy, Matplotlib, Seaborn, and Pandas.

β€’ Initiate your journey into Text Analytics.

β€’ Code snippets and hands-on examples, complete with step-by-step explanations.

β€’ Work with sample datasets to gain practical experience.

Chapter 2: Pandas for Visualization

β€’ Discover the incredible power of Pandas for data analysis.

β€’ Explore various data visualization techniques using Pandas.

β€’ Create stunning and informative plots and charts.

β€’ Apply your newfound skills to real-world datasets (df1, df2, and df3).

β€’ Detailed code examples with comprehensive explanations.

Chapter 3: Seaborn's Categorical Plots

β€’ Master specialized visualization techniques for categorical data.

β€’ Dive into the captivating world of categorical data visualization with Seaborn.

β€’ Explore different categorical plot types, including bar plots, count plots, and box plots.

β€’ Unlock valuable insights while working with Seaborn's "tips" dataset.

β€’ Code demystification to ensure a crystal-clear understanding.

Chapter 4: Seaborn's Distribution Plots

β€’ Visualize statistical data with Seaborn.

β€’ Explore data distributions and gain profound insights.

β€’ Leverage Seaborn's strengths for in-depth data distribution analysis.

β€’ Work with Seaborn datasets like "tips" and "mpg."

β€’ Detailed code walk-throughs for each visualization technique.

πŸ“š Your Passport to Data Science Mastery This eBook is your gateway to mastering Python, Pandas, and Seaborn for the dynamic fields of data science and machine learning. Whether you're a novice embarking on your journey or an experienced practitioner aiming to expand your skillset, this comprehensive guide, complete with code examples and real datasets, has been meticulously crafted to meet your needs.

πŸš€ Ready to Embark on Your Data Science Odyssey? Get your eBook today and set sail on your exciting adventure into the world of data science! πŸ“–πŸ’‘ #DataScience #Python #DataVisualization #MachineLearning

πŸ›’ Purchase your copy now: Pay Now for the Ebook :

πŸš€ Embark on Your Data Science Journey Today! Join us on this transformative learning adventure, and unlock the power of data visualization with Python. Grab your eBook now and be prepared to witness the world of data science in a whole new light!

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