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Imprints of India

Published: Feb 08, 2023

India is not only a country; it is a cradle of an ancient civilization. It is a continuation of a way of life from thousands of years ago. It holds numerous stories, adventures, philosophies, religions, and mysteries. India today is a modern population, racing to catch up with the western world, but its own old roots and traditions are so strong that it has become a fantastic mosaic of the old and the new, magic and science, orthodox and technology, that falls short of nothing but captivate anyone wanting a peek into it!

The people, life, and culture of India have a profound effect on each and every one living in that country; not to mention that this varies greatly from region to region within India. If you have ever lived or even visited India, you can never forget the people, language, colors, smells, food, and ever-happening life all around. India draws people to itself and those who leave, come back again and again as there is nothing in the world as the experience of India. Anyone who has experienced the country will agree that the imprint of India is always deep and emotional.

Hence the name of our Etsy store “Imprints of India”, for it is about those imprints that our Artist, Champak Bhattacharya (and before that, his father Ajit Bhattacharya), carried throughout his life and reproduced beautifully, flawlessly, and breathtakingly on the canvas. Through Imprints of India, we want to share and spread that experience, that richness of culture, and those colors on the canvas of your life as well.


Champak Bhattacharya belonged to a family of highly gifted and genius artists. His father, Ajit Bhattacharya, was an accomplished and versatile artist, who found beauty and meaning in drawing and carving the life and nature around him. He was a dedicated teacher, who trained hundreds of artists, in the field of Drawing, Painting, Wood carving, Clay Modelling, Makeup, and so on. He is also credited with pioneering the now-famous "Wood Carvings of Bastar" with Tribal Motifs, from the Chhattisgarh region of India. The brilliance of his art lay in its simplicity. He could convey so many emotions with just a few strokes of the pencil. He was equally gifted with all the mediums of art, be it pencil, pastel, watercolor, oil painting, clay modeling, fabric art, wood carving, and many more.

Artist Champak Bhattacharya was an equally versatile artist and also poet. He has spent most of his life living around, observing, and depicting the tribal people from the central region of India, known as Chhattisgarh. His art was greatly influenced by their life. The other great inspiration for his art came from the Bengal region of India, where his ancestral roots lay. He was fascinated by the art of Bengal and known Bengali artists. Many of the artists' depictions of Gods and Goddesses can be seen in typical Bengali traditions. He also extensively studied and learned from the other great artists of the world. Figure drawing was his absolute passion and he worked hard all his life to develop and master the art of water coloring. As his grasp on the medium increased, he tried on more and more complex and intricate use of watercolor. Although the artist very firmly believed in the exact depiction of the real world, the poet in him may be, also produced many beautiful abstract art pieces.

He has been awarded at various national and international events in India. His first book of poetry "ARPAN" was published in 1997 and a book of illustrations "RAMAYANA" based on ancient Hindu Mythology was published in 2017. The online gallery Imprints of India is dedicated to the Artist. Also, you can find various collectibles and wearables inspired by his paintings in the Etsy store of Imprints of India. It’s a place to find very unique gifts for every occasion, be it a Birthday, Graduation, Anniversary, Marriage, or even House warming. Apart from various Canvases, Posters, and framed Art Prints, you can also find unique Cell phone covers, Coffee Mugs, T-shirts, Hoodies, Pillows, and much more. These are perfect to enrich and enhance any home with the Imprints of India.

Author: Runa Bhattacharya

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